How to take care of your succulent garden


I am your new succulent garden. Thank you for choosing me.
Find below some instructions to care for me. 


Please help me get enough light. I need bright indirect light or 4 hours of direct morning sun each day. Afternoon heat (especially in summer) can burn me.


Rotate me often so all of my plants can get enough light.


Wait for at least a week or two before watering me.


Only water me when all my soil is completely dry. Poke a wooden stick into the soil to check my moisture level. To water me, soak my soil thoroughly and allow the water to drain. Give me less water during winter.


Over time, the lower leaves of my succulents will dry up. Gently remove any dead leaves. If healthy leaves fall off, you can propagate them to grow new baby succulents.


Wait at least 2 months before replanting any of the succulents from the arrangement.