About me

Aleja The Green Bunny


Hi there!

I am Aleja - also called “bunny” by my family and I am from Colombia. I am passionate about plants, especially succulents - and I am good at keeping them alive - a “green thumbed bunny” they say.

I started The Green Bunny during the pandemic when I took a needed break from my full time job as a Communications specialist. After I joined the amazing team of El Boske Botanico (A local enchanted garden inspired by the Latin American culture in Melbourne), I have learned a lot about business in Australia and I am so proud to be able to make a dream come true combining nature, wellbeing and my Latino heritage.

You can join me in one of my workshops, find a perfect gift with plants and original pots or I can help you get the plants you need for that Pinterest project or event that you have in mind. I get you! ;-)

Visit my instagram page @the.greenbunny to find more or visit El Boske Botanico (69 Smith Street, Fitzroy) where some of my products are already on display!

Looking for a collaboration!? - Contact me 

Thank you for supporting this dream! 


The Green Bunny